Developing Landscape/Seascape Four Year Strategic Plan for The GEF SGP Phase 7 in Balantieng Watershed, Nantu Wildlife Reserve, Bodri Watershed, and Sabu Island Marine Protected Area

Time period: 15 November 2022 – 15 May 2026

This project is expected to fulfill the objectives of implementing the 7th GEF SGP program strategy, namely the development of social, economic, and socio-ecological resilience through community-based activities that benefit the global environment and sustainable development in accordance with the five perspectives of the Satoyama Initiative:
1) Resource use within the carrying capacity and resilience of the environment
2) Cyclic use of natural resources
3) Recognition of the value and importance of local traditions and culture
4) Natural resource management by various participating and cooperating entities
5) Contributions to local socio-economies.

In accordance with the priority locations determined by the GEF SGP program document, this project will be implemented in selected landscapes/seascape in some important biogeographical area in Indonesia, namely: (1) Sabu Raijua Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province; 2) buffer zone of Nantu-Boliyohuto Wildlife Sanctuary; Gorontalo Province; 3) Balantieng watershed, South Sulawesi Province; and (4) Bodri River Basin, Central Java Province.

This project will cover three main aspects namely:
a. A strategic planning for the development of activities in 4 priority locations with data support (quantitative and qualitative) in accordance with indicators for resilience in seascapes/socio-ecological production landscapes (SEPLS).
b. Development of guideline for selecting community based proposals and organizations, host organization criterion and stakeholders engagement plan.
c. Making visual documentation and regular reporting for the purpose of knowledge management that is beneficial to stakeholders at the local, district, provincial, national and international levels.