Support to Implement Yayasan Epistema Road Map for Forest Tenure Reform Based Upon Principles of Eco-Social Justice

Nomor Kontrak: 1125-2730
Sumber Pendanaan: Ford Foundation
Anggaran: US$ 172,491
Periode Waktu: 1 September 2012 s/d 31 Agustus 2014

Deskripsi Program

  1. Develop learning circles to promote eco-social justice principles in Indonesian land tenur reform through a collaborative movement with academics and NGO activists through the EYAS program, short courses on the rule of law and indigenous peoples and a series of discussions on law and agrarian issues;
  2. Undertake interdisciplinary legal research that would be used for recommendations in support of land tenure reform processes, including research on the rule of law principles in court decitions related to land and natural resource disputes, courses on the application of eco-social justice concepts in the methodology of interdicciplinary legal research and social mapping of village forests based on the Roadmap for forest tenure reform;
  3. Develop various learning materials and media that promote the eco-social justce movement in policy and legal reform related to the land tenure through publications, library development and improving website and social media outreach;
  4. Strengthen Epistema as an independent, accountable, professional and deeply networked institution through capacity building for its staff, board and partners and by improving organizational management planning, monitoring and evaluation.